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Powertech 200W 12V DC to 230V AC Pure Sine Wave - Electrically Isolated
SKU: WMI5726
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Sale Price: $199.00 inc. GST

This 12VDC to 230VAC inverter will allow you to have 230VAC power on the go and includes a 5VDC 2.1A USB power socket to charge your smart devices. It features input voltage and output overload protection. High temperature protection automatically shuts the inverter down when it reaches a predetermined temperature, then restarts once the temperature has dropped to a lower level.


  • Output power continuous: 200W
  • Output power surge: 400W
  • Current at no load: <750mA
  • Power saving mode options: None
  • Input voltage: 10.5 - 15.3VDC
  • Output wave form: Pure sine wave
  • Efficiency: >86%
  • Output regulation: ±5%
  • Output frequency: 50Hz
  • USB output: 5VDC 2.1A
  • Size: 189(L) x 100(W) x 60(H)mm
  • Weight: 702g
  • Input connection: Removeable alligator clamps
  • Remote control: None

Circuit protection:

  • Output overload: Beeps 3 times and LED flashes
  • Thermal alarm and shutdown: > 70
  • Thermal shutdown restart: < 56°C ±3°
  • Battery low shutdown: 10.5VDC
  • High battery shutdown: 15.3VDC
  • Input protection: Internal 35A fuse