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Powertech 12V 1000mA Seal Lead Acid Battery Charger
SKU: WMB3619
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Sale Price: $20.10 inc. GST

A new range of mains powered Lead Acid battery chargers designed for 6V and 12V. These intelligent automatic battery chargers stop charging when the battery is full and start to maintain the battery with a ‘floating’ charge mode. The charger monitors the battery voltage and tops-up the battery to keep it fully charged all the time. This feature allows you to leave the charger connected to the battery without risk of overcharging. Includes an LED indicator for battery charging status. The 2m long cable includes an interchangeable DC plug and Alligator clips.

•    Input: 100-240VAC, 60/50Hz
•    Charging current: 1000mA
•    Charging voltage: 12.0V
•    Float output voltage: 14.4V
•    Bulk charge mode voltage: 14.0V
•    Dimensions: 70(L) x 40(D) x 40(W)mm