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Powertech 2000 Watt 12VDC to 230VAC Pure Sine Wave Inverter
SKU: WMI5710
Model Name:
Sale Price: $1269.00 inc. GST

Our superb range of pure sine wave inverters is one that we don't change very often, in fact we have firmly resisted change sticking to the line if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and this has remained true for the last 5 years - the performance and reliability has been too good for us to consider changing. So when our factory started trying to push us onto this new range of pure sine wave inverters some time ago, we refused. That was until we started testing them!

This new range of inverters includes advanced control logic which provides standard protection (overload, high temperature, over/under input voltage, and output short circuit) as well as a host of additional features to provide improved performance and reliability under adverse conditions. The control logic checks inverter and load conditions at start-up before applying power. It also applies a soft start feature which near eliminates the risk of inverter overload when large appliances with high in-rush currents are used. Overload detection and prevention uses a three stage alarm which acts as a timed warning so you can decrease the load before the inverter completely shuts down. High temperature protection automatically shuts the inverter down when it reaches a predetermined temperature, then restarts once the temperature has dropped to a lower level. A power saving mode can also be activated to minimise battery drain when the AC output falls below a set power threshold; ideal for use on small appliances such as entertainment equipment. When the threshold is reached the inverter is switched to standby substantially decreasing the standby current draw.

This new range includes models suitable for a variety of mobile and permanent power installations. Ranging from 180 to 2000W, each model has been rigorously tested (and we MEAN rigorously tested!) to ensure the best performance for your application. All models feature a standard 230VAC mains outlet as well as a USB port for powering and charging USB devices.

• Output power continuous: 2000W
• Output power surge: 4000W
• Current at no load: 960mA
• Current in standby mode: 230mA
• Power saving mode options: OFF, Input voltage: 12VDC
• Output wave form: Pure sine wave
• Efficiency: 84-91%
• Output regulation: ±3%
• Output frequency: 50Hz
• USB output: 5VDC @ 500mA
• Size: 450(L) x 230(W) x 74(H)mm
• Weight: 5.5kg
• Input connection: Heavy duty screw terminals
• Remote control: Wired 5m on/off switch with status light

Circuit protection:
• Output overload: Three stage alarm and shutdown
• Thermal alarm and shutdown: >63° C ±3°
• Thermal shutdown restart: Battery low alarm: 10.6VDC ± 0.3VDC
• Battery low shutdown: 10VDC ± 0.3VDC
• High battery alarm: 15VDC ± 0.3VDC
• Input overload: Internal 360A fuse

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