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Lithium Ion CR123A Battery Charger
SKU: WMB3581
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Sale Price: $35.20 inc. GST

CR123A batteries are commonly used in some LED torches and many cameras but the replacements are expensive. Now there's a rechargeable option with this lithium-ion CR123A battery & matching charger. Normally, Li-ION batteries have a nominal voltage of 3.7V, which being higher than a normal CR123 battery can damage the sensitive circuitry of LED torches and cameras - but this battery is different! The battery features smart circuitry inside that drops the voltage to 3.0V under load, making it perfectly safe to use with sensitive electronics that normally use a 3.0V CR123 battery. The intelligent design will fully recharge the included battery in about 3 hours and shows an LED charge status indicator.

• Automatic charge control
• Short circuit & over voltage protection
• Supplied with mains plugpack and car charging cable
• Smart battery technology keeps nominal voltage to 3.0V