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Boss MR105 Audiophile 10" Single 1000W 4 ohm Marine Subwoofer (Single)
SKU: BC12259
Model Name: MR105
Sale Price: $189.40 inc. GST

Audiophile Quality High Performance 1000 Watts 10" Marine Subwoofer (White)

  • Weather Proof One 10" Woofer with SINGLE 4 ohm Voice Coil
  • 1000 Watts MAX 500 Watts RMS Power Handling
  • 87dB Sensitivity, 43 Hz Resonant Frequency
  • Polypropylene Cone and Rubber Surround
  • Works in .3 CuFt Sealed or .8 CuFt Ported enclosure
Fully Marinized
Fully Marinized is the term we use for our Marine and Outdoor products that are Weather Proof. We integrate high-tech, state-of-the-art waterproofing materials plus special UV coatings for plastic surfaces, coated circuit boards and connections to protect the product against the harsh outdoor elements and resist corrosion.

Ported Enclosure
This subwoofer will thrive in well in a ported enclosure. A ported enclosure is easy to spot because of the vent (port). This enclosure will be bigger than a sealed enclosure and it also has greater SPL output, resulting in chest-thumping bass with authority. For proper tuning and optimum subwoofer performance in a ported enclosure, we recommend using an amplifier with a subsonic filter.

Sealed Enclosure
This subwoofer will operate well in a sealed enclosure that will yield solid, tight bass. You can either purchase a pre-fabricated enclosure or build one to suit your installation needs. Sealed enclosures are relatively easy to build and are the smallest enclosure the subwoofer is designed for.

Single Voice Coil
A subwoofer with a single voice coil can be powered by an appropriately matched amplifier or can be combined with multiple single voice coil subwoofers to achieve a variety of impedances to match your amp set up. Single voice coil subwoofers are generally ideal for low to medium-power applications.


General Specs

  • Subwoofer Size: 10"
  • Peak Power Handling: 1000 Watts
  • RMS Power Handling: 500 Watts
  • Voice Coil Configuration: SINGLE
  • Impedance: 4 ohm

Mounting Dimensions

  • Mounting Diameter: 9.125"
  • Mounting Depth: 4.125"

T/S Parameters

  • FS: 43 Hz
  • Qes: 0.44
  • Qms: 3.59
  • Qts: 0.39
  • Vas: 1.13 CuFt
  • Xmax (One-Way): 9.65 mm
  • Sensitivity (1W/1m): 87 dB

Enclosure Specs

  • Recommended Sealed: 0.3 CuFt
  • Recommended Ported: 0.8 CuFt
  • Port Dimension: Round 3 Inch
  • Port Length: 10"
  • Port Frequency: 45 Hz

System Features

  • Package contains 1 subwoofer
  • Weather Proof